Walbrook Economics is an independent economic consultancy specialising in applying macroeconomic and political research to the investment decision-making process. Walbrook Economics advises a range of clients including pension funds, hedge funds, the wealth management sector and corporate clients together with a number of prominent think tanks. Our approach is to examine long term macroeconomic trends, both in the UK and globally, and to apply our findings to help our clients found investment decisions. Walbrook is engaged with a diverse portfolio of work which currently includes work on UK dividend sustainability, the sensitivity of the economy to possible interest rate rises and a recent project to examine the economic, judicial and constitutional impact of Magna Carta. We also publish a monthly Household Spending trend analysis survey and a quarterly UK dividend monitor. We publish regularly on key macroeconomic and investment themes and host a number of 'Occasional Strategy' briefings with key policy makers and academics. We offer a tailor-made consultancy service to our clients.