About us

Walbrook Economics is an independent consultancy, based in London, founded by Ewen Stewart, in 2012. The key personnel are Ewen Stewart, Director, Macro Economic and Political Consultancy, Scott Evans, Senior Consultant, Equity Markets and Strategy and Jesse Lorzano, IT and New Technology Consultancy.

We specialising in applying macroeconomic and political research to the investment and corporate sphere. We take the long and often non consensus view without fear conflict of interest. We believe, as well as examining economic outcomes an understanding of political risk is of critical importance given the ever more prominent role politicians, central bankers and other policy makers are having in influencing economic, corporate and investment outcomes.

Walbrook Economics advises a wide range of clients including the corporate, institutional, wealth management and corporate sectors together with a number of prominent think tanks. Our approach is to examine long term macroeconomic trends, both in the UK and globally, and to apply our findings to help found investment decisions. We offer in depth analysis on a wide range of topical themes that impact current investment decision making. For example we are currently examining the impact of political risk on the economy and investment valuations, looking at the long term prospects for the Euro and examining the impact of possible rising interest rates on the UK consumer? We also specialise in looking at UK consumer trends and publish a monthly Household Spending trend analysis survey.

We publish regularly on key macroeconomic and investment themes and host a number of 'Occasional Strategy' briefings with key policy makers and academics.

In 2015 we were honoured to be asked to write a book on Magna Carta to celebrate it's 800th anniversary. A copy of this book is will be sent to every secondary school in England.

Walbrook can offer a tailor-made consultancy service to our clients.

As part of our educational and charitable outreach programme we are happy to give talks with schools, colleges and other educational bodies.

Key contacts

Ewen Stewart at ewenstewart@walbrookeconomics.co.uk
Jesse Lozano at jesselozano@walbrookeconomics.co.uk
Scott Evans at scottevans@walbrookeconomics.co.uk