China sneezes – the world catches cold?

Markets have been rocked by concerns over stalling Chinese growth. All major equity markets have suffered. This note simply seeks to ascertain if a sustained Chinese correction really can impact the rest of the world and Western capital markets in particular. Please contact us for a copy of the report

How rapidly will rates rise?

This note looks at the pressures on the Bank of England to raise interest rates. We argue however that the base rate is unlikely to rise materially, despite an improving domestic economic backdrop, largely as the economy remains highly consumer and asset price dependent. We examine sensitivities to rate rises and the impact this would have on growth. We conclude that monetary policy is likely to remain very loose and this should be supportive for UK equities and cyclical and financial sectors in particular.

BREXIT- what is the investment risk?

We have published a note examining the mechanism for a likely EU referendum, the key areas of debate and the implications for bond, currency and equity markets. Please contact us for a copy of the paper.

Magna Carta Lectures

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to speak to audiences at Lincoln, Christ Church College, Oxford and London on Magna Carta's importance and relevance today. If you would like a copy of the talks please contact us.

Magna Carta Today - Its Principles and Relevance in the 21st Century

We are delighted to have been commissioned to write the above book with the kind support of the Federal Trust and Hampden Trust. This book looks at the historical context of Magna Carta, the importance of its principles and the common law and categorises how our society is performing today in relation to economic, judicial and constitutional affairs. To mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta a copy of this book is being sent to every secondary school in England.