Walbrook at IEA Conference in Scotland

Walbrook Economics took part in the Institute of Economic Affairs Conference in Edinburgh presenting an outlook for the UK Economy. The theme was extremes examining the the degree of disequilibrium that remains despite improving GDP. A copy of this presentation is available on request.

How UK Sector valuations have evolved

This paper looks back in time, examining one year forward FTSE 350 sector PER ratings, from mid-year to 2010 to mid-year 2013, then compares them with current sector valuations and anticipated earnings growth.

Scottish Independence- An economic appraisal commissioned by the Scottish Research Society.

Walbrook Economics is delighted to have been commissioned, by the Scottish Research Society, to produce a paper outlining the costs and benefits of possible Scottish Independence. The paper examines a number of key aspects including Scotland's currency options, public spending and taxation, the dominance of the banking sector and the cyclicality of Scottish GDP. The also paper looks at trading relationships, demographics, energy policy and the mechanics of divorce.

Walbrook at The Federal Trust

Ewen Stewart of Walbrook Economics took part in a debate, with Professor Stephen Haseler, John Stevens and Dr Andrew Blick, organised by the Federal Trust, outlining the economic implications of Scottish Independence. The debate focused on the fiscal and monetary implications of a possible split highlighting the risks to both the UK and Scottish economies. Please contact us if you would like further details about the debate or for our opinion on the implications of the forthcoming Scottish referendum.