Walbrook co -author a paper for Scottish Business UK

Walbrook have co-authored, for SBUK, an in-depth analysis into the Scottish Economy particularity relating to constitutional change. The paper examines currency, regulatory, fiscal, trade and public spending issues relating to possible independence. Please contact us for a copy of the paper.

10 years since Lehman’s – a retrospective. What next?

It is a decade since Lehman Brothers collapsed. We have published a paper assessing the impact of the Great Recession on capital markets, what the current implications are and how this will likely play out in future. We argue that the US has increasingly differentiated itself from the rest and that the UK and Eurozone remain largely on a monetary treadmill they cannot easily get off. This has significant implications for bond and equity markets, as well as other asset classes.

UK Retail- the impact of on line. A case study in disruptive technology

This note provides an in depth study of the impact on on line retail on the retail sector as a whole. It analyses growth trends and concludes, although the UK has the highest on line penetration rate in the world, further cannibalisation will occur before equilibrium is met. While the impact on retail profitability is asymmetric further aggregate pressure on margins is likely. Please contact us for a copy of the note.