Strategy- economics meets investment

We aim to provide insights into the investment decision-making process through our analysis of economic trends and the political response. Our approach is to examine the investment impact of the long-term economic outlook and to compare this with current investor perceptions to try and spot opportunities. Politics, sadly, given the unprecedented economic predicament the West faces is, we believe, of increasing and critical importance in making profitable investment decisions. Our deep knowledge of the political process can help investors navigate uncharted waters. Our analysis tends to take the long-term view, however cognisant of market volatility we also examine shorter-term impacts.

Independent Research

Walbrook is an independent company, based in London, without ties or conflicts or interest. The ideas expressed are the views of the authors and we believe this independence of ownership allows for an independence of thought. Our ideas are often non consensus and provocative. We write major research articles as well as publishing regular short topical thematic notes.

Corporate Advice

We advise Boards and senior decision makers on predicted economic and investment outcomes. Walbrook is happy to engage in bespoke projects and well as offering regular updates, with companies, keeping them abreast of macroeconomic developments.

Political Analysis

Walbrook Economics specialises in analysing the impact of political decision-making on economic and investment outcomes. We are happy to discuss individual client requirements with this regard.

Walbrook Consumer Research

One of Walbrook Economics specialisations is examining UK consumer trends. We publish monthly the Walbrook Household Spending Model coupled with our analysis of UK consumer themes.


Walbrook offers a tailor-made consultancy service and we are happy to undertake bespoke projects either micro, or macro. For more information please contact us at for more details.


Walbrook regularly speaks to educational organisations be they think thanks, universities or schools. We are available for lectures, seminars or events to discuss topics of interest. We offer a number of educational talks each year , without charge, as part of our mission to support the community. Please contact us if this may be of interest.